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  • Keynote Session: Partnerships In and Out of the Government
    Across our government, many agencies have set a golden standard for growing and developing their workforce. With access to resources and funds not being equitable across the board, how can we come together and share these resources across the board?

    Amy Parker, Chief Learning Officer, Veterans Affairs
    Joellen Jarrett, Chief Learning Officer, Small Business Administration
  • Breakout Sessions

    Managing a Remote Workforce in the Federal Government

    This panel of government leaders will discuss the good, bad, and the ugly sides of managing a remote workforce within the federal government. This panel will discuss successes, failures, and continuing challenges as they navigate the “new normal” of managing from a distance.
    Track: Developing and Leading People

    Learning Innovations in a Diverse and Disperse Environment

    Join this panel to hear its participants discuss how their agency’s learning and development programs have pivoted in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. They will share the strategies and tactics that they have employed when creating more accessible and engaging learning programs for their workforce. Topics will include the identification of technology, instructional design, measurement of impact, and implementation.
    Track: Organizational Effectiveness, Change Culture, Technology, Disruptor
  • Sponsored Session
  • Workshop Sessions

    Workshop 1: Trends and Best Practices in Executive Development

    Workshop 2: Returning to Work: CLO Council Roundtable

  • Breakout Sessions

    Developing Impactful Supervisors and People Managers

    Government experts and leaders will share their agency’s best practices in developing programs for new and existing leaders within their organizations. The panel will discuss the impact of these programs as well as provide insight on what has worked and what has not, and it will also discuss their thoughts on what skills are important for a public-sector people manager to have.
    Track: Developing and Leading People

    Achieving Racial Equity in the Government Workforce

    Join this panel of government executives as they discuss the opportunities and challenges faced in creating equity across learning and growth programs within the public sector. This panel will discuss the importance of creating and maintaining programs that promote career progression and development for all government employees, as well as how to implement and sustain these programs.
    Track: Organizational Effectiveness, Change Culture, Technology, Disruptors
  • Sponsored Session
  • Keynote Session: Maintaining Resolve and Resilience
    Learn how to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous environment that continues to change.

    Speaker: Traci DiMArtini, Chief Human Capital Officer, GSA
  • Workshop Sessions

    Workshop 1: Government Coaching Session

    Workshop 2: Leadership Roundtable

  • Breakout Sessions

    Digital Skills and Data Literacy: Upskilling Today’s Government for the needs of Tomorrow

    Many have experienced the pandemic’s effect on the acceleration of their agency’s plan to adapt new technologies, to help them do jobs more efficiently and effectively. Join this group of panelists as they discuss how their agency has reimagined their ability to upskill and reskill their workforce in order to meet the demands of today’s technology-filled work environment.

    Track: Developing and Leading People

    Reimagining the Government’s Learning Ecosystem

    Competencies, capabilities, frameworks, and proficiencies - these are all terms used to identify a set of skills that government agencies use to determine an individual’s ability to perform their job effectively. This panel of experts will discuss effective ways to ensure that current guidelines are still relevant to your agency’s mission. This panel will also share how their agencies have reimagined their learning and development goals as a result of the changing work environment within the public sector.

    Track: Organizational Effectiveness, Change Culture, Technology, Disruptors
  • Sponsored Session
  • Keynote Session: The Future is Here
    This keynote will discuss the impact of technology and how many organizations have accelerated their timeline of adapting as a result of the pandemic. Learn about the principles of change management and how to successfully navigate this terrain.

    Speaker: Michael Arena, VP Talent & Development, Amazon Web Services
  • Workshop Sessions

    Workshop 1: Design Thinking for Learning Innovation

    Workshop 2: To Be Announced

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