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  • Dr. Wendy Walsh Headshot
    Wendy Walsh
    Chief Learning Officer, Air Education and Training Command, US Air Force
    Keynote Session: Growing a Culture of Continuous Learning
    As the US aims to stay ahead of the needs of our nation, developing our personnel’s skills and knowledge is more critical than ever. In this presentation, the USAF Chief Learning Officer will discuss how the Air Force has created and executed a vision for fostering a culture of continuous learning that puts people first. Grounded in learning engineering and human-centered design principles, key topics will include:

    • Mapping training and development to mission-critical competencies needed now and in the future
    • Implementing new people-focused training programs and methods aligned to evolving requirements
    • Leveraging technology to make learning accessible and effective across the force
    • Empowering airmen to own their development via mentorship, credentialing, and more
    • Measuring training effectiveness and enhancing data-driven decision making
    • Strengthening partnerships to advance learning
    • Building an agile, innovative training infrastructure for the future

    With a renewed focus on continuous learning, competency development, and human-centered design, we can equip Airmen with the knowledge and skills to fly, fight, and win in today's complex world. This presentation will explore our roadmap for getting there.
  • Concurrent Sessions 1

    Building a Modern Learning Ecosystem

    Explore innovative strategies, technologies, and best practices to create an engaging, personalized, and collaborative learning environment. Gain insights on leveraging digital tools and creating learner-centric approaches to empower success.

    Lauren Wittstadt, Partner, Educe
    Fátima Terry, Deputy Director, Digital Services, Office of Chief Information Officer, Department of Agriculture
    Rizwan "Riz" Shah, Organizational Culture Advisor, Department of Energy

    Moderator: J.J. Walcutt, President and CEO, Clay Strategic Designs

    Creating a Culture of Accountability

    A culture of accountability is a key component of any high-performing organization, impacting everything from productivity to trust and engagement to teamwork and collaboration. In this session, we’ll explore how to foster accountability through coaching, feedback, training, and more.

    Kimberly Currier, Global Vice President, Leadership Development. AECOM
    Nick Armendariz, Head of Operational Psychology, Naval Aerospace Medical Institute
    Jennifer Bream, Senior Program Manager, International Trade Commission

    Moderator: Ryan Changcoco, VP, Stakeholder Engagement and Government Relations, Life365 Health

    Improving Collaboration and Communication in a Hybrid Workforce

    Discover effective techniques and tools for fostering seamless teamwork and productivity in a blended remote and in-person work environment. Our expert panelists will share insights on promoting effective communication, building trust, and leveraging technology to enhance collaboration across distributed teams.

    Lauren Giacalone, HR Consultant, Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
    Alan Todd, General Manager, Udemy Business Leadership Academy
    Trevor McKie, Director of the Housing Training Center, Department of Housing and Urban Development

    Moderator: Karen Ethridge, Supervisory Branch Chief, Leadership Training Programs, Department of State
  • Networking Break
  • Concurrent Sessions 2

    Developing Critical Skills for Government Leaders

    The demands of leaders are always evolving. In this session, we delve into the key skills required for government leaders and discover how to best equip them for success in an ever-changing workplace.

    Matisha Montgomery, Chief Learning Officer, Department of Housing and Urban Development
    Leah Hollander, Deputy Director for Talent Services, NASA
    Frieda Edgette, Faculty, Federal Executive Institute, Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

    Moderator : Alexandria Clapp, Senior Content Manager, ATD

    The Future of Work

    The future of work is being shaped by various factors, including technology and automation, hybrid and remote work models, upskilling and reskilling, and the importance of well-being and work-life balance. In this session, we’ll discuss what the future of work entails and how training and talent development can help prepare the workforce for the shifts ahead.

    Dr. Rebecca Ayers, HR Strategy Program Manager, Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
    Sarah Blasko, Deputy Director, HR Division, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
    Carlos Cadogan, Assessment Consultant, MHS

    Moderator: Karen Fray, Chief of Staff, National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)

    Effective Blended Learning Programs

    Learn how to unlock the potential of blended learning programs in this insightful session. Discover best practices and tips of designing engaging content, leveraging technology, and optimizing the learner’s experience.

    Ashley Acosta-Fox, E-Learning Specialist, Office of Staff Learning and Development, Peace Corps
    Eve Emerson, Vice President & Partner, Leadership Pipeline Institute
    Michelle Zager, Curriculum & Technologies Program Manager, Treasury Executive Institute (TEI)

    Moderator: Amanda Smith, Deputy Human Resources Director, City of Alexandria
  • Lunch
  • Concurrent Sessions 3

    DEIA: Building an Inclusive Workforce

    Promoting inclusivity within the workforce is a crucial initiative across government. Join us in this session to explore the evolving government landscape and gain insights on fostering a culture of equity and inclusivity.

    MarthaEllen Florence, Faculty, Federal Executive Institute, Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
    Sekou Bermiss, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School

    Moderator: Bobbie Greene, DEIA Training and Outreach Advisor, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

    Using Mentoring and Coaching to Develop Employees

    Mentoring and coaching programs play a vital role in fostering professional development, offering career guidance, and nurturing talent. Join us in this session as we delve into key strategies for developing and implementing impactful mentoring and coaching programs in the government.

    Amanda Custer, Supervisor, Performance Management & Strategy, Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
    B.J. Whetstine, Supervisory Support and Development Branch Chief, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
    Paul Yoachum, Managing Partner and Senior Learning Consultant, FindMojo

    Moderator: Chad Majiros, Leadership Development Specialist, Foreign Service Institute

    Strengthening Employee Engagement

    This session will dive into innovative strategies and best practices for improving employee engagement. Gain valuable insights on cultivating a positive work culture and learn practical approaches for creating meaningful connections between employees and their organization.

    Frieda Edgette, Faculty, Federal Executive Institute, Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
    Karla Wesley, Director, Office of Staff Learning and Development, Peace Corps
    Patrick S. Malone, Director, Key Executive Leadership Programs, American University

    Moderator: Jason Briefel, Partner, Director of Government & Public Affairs, Shaw Bransford & Roth
  • Networking Break
  • Sarah Moffat Headshot
    Sarah Moffat
    Change Catalyst, Leadership Coach, and Storyteller
    Keynote Session: Empower, Act, Thrive: Turning Inspiration into Impact in the Real World
    In a world filled with doubt and obstacles, how do you hold onto the fire of innovation, empowerment, and excitement kindled during this event? How do you silence the nay-sayers, push past the doubters, and lead transformative change? This dynamic session isn't just about motivation – it's about arming you with the strategies to conquer the challenges and make those sparks of inspiration blaze into real-world accomplishments.

    With a contagious energy that propels you forward, Sarah Moffat shows you how to anchor your newfound knowledge to your personal mission and values, making it an integral part of your identity. You'll discover the power of focusing on what you can influence, and how that very focus can amplify your impact beyond measure.

    Don't just leave with ideas – leave with a mission, a plan, and the absolute conviction that you can achieve change. We're closing the conference with a crescendo that will resonate long after the conference ends. Join us and embrace the transformative journey from inspiration to tangible impact. Your unstoppable potential awaits!
  • Closing Networking Reception
    Connect with peers and forge valuable connections during the reception. Join us for an evening of networking and camaraderie.