Get Approval to Attend

You don't want to miss Government Workforce 2019!

We know getting approval to attend is challenging, but it's not impossible!

Below is everything you might need to formally request and get approval to attend Government Workforce 2019. Create the most persuasive case for how your attendance will benefit your professional development and your agency.

Attendance Request Form (PDF)
This event snapshot includes a brief description of the host organization (ATD), as well as information on the most important things about Government Workforce 2019: event type, format, purpose, audience, date, time, location, and cost.

Government Workforce 2019: Full Program (PDF)
Here you will find the day’s agenda, as well as the descriptions for each session in every track.

Step-by-Step Payment Guide (PDF)
Don’t get sold-out! Secure your (or your team’s) registration today with this easy-to-follow registration and payment guide.